We develop accelerators for Real-Time Rapid AI/ML-enabled Decision Making to address real-world problems relevant to the society and the nation.


We are a startup created by experienced researchers at USC with expertise in AI/ML, Data Analytics and acceleration on edge devices. Our researchers have years of experience in developing tech products for government agencies as well as private sponsors. Our team has delivered multiple products on hardware accelerators by transforming basic research into deployable products.

EDEN: Enabling Deep Edge based Neural Network

ISAGE's unified approach to ML model compression and edge device implementation beats State of the Art Techniques. Unlike our competitors, our edge device deployable compression achieves "true" compression i.e. real performance improvements without compromising accuracy.

ISAGE compression technology enables development of low latency AI/ML based solutions targeting low-powered devices at the edge.

xTechSearch 3.0 Semi-finalists

ISAGE Inc. was selected as a semi-finalist for Army xTechSearch 3.0 for its product DEEPSLICE: DNN Inferencer on Ultra-Low Form-Factor Edge Devices for Enhanced Situational Awareness in Low Information Compromised Battlefield Environments